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Unique anti-aging Night Treatment

Treats your skin with 3 million I.U.’s of Vitamin A

Reduces signs of aging while you sleep

Targets loss of firmness, wrinkles, dark spots & pores

Stimulates collagen production


6x Retinol Super Serum restores the look of smooth, beautiful and glowing skin with 3 Million I.U.’s of Retinyl Palmitate. This unique night-time accelerator contains six times the potency of the Anti-Wrinkle Facial Serum. It lifts and firms as it targets lines, wrinkles, dark spots, pores and blemishes while encouraging your skin’s renewal process, all while you sleep. It helps to improve existing skin damage, enhances radiance, and stimulates collagen production for a firmer, more youthful appearance. Add this intensive serum to your night-time Retinol skincare regimen to achieve optimal anti-aging effectiveness. Start by adding a few drops 3 to 4 nights per week and gradually increase to nightly usage.

Retinol 6X Super Retinol Serum Night Treatment 30ml


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