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Doll Beauty : Is it worth the hype?

As you may all know I'm an avid buyer and lover of the brand 'Doll Beauty' But is it really worth the hype? Short answer ; Yes.

My favourite products of Doll Beauty have got to be the Pretty Fly blushers and the Gimme Sun bronzers. Even though all of their products are amazing, their face products really are game changing. Their blushers come in 8 shades and their bronzers come in 4 shades. The products are listed below.

My favourite shades to use on me and clients are 'Dolliday' in the blushers and 'Medium Deep' in the bronzers.

Another Doll Beauty favourite of mine has got to be the she fine liners. These come in 13 gorgeous shades, soon to be 17! As they've just released 4 new shades. My favourite shade has got to be 'Hustlaa' which is a stunning deep purple toned nude.

Another great thing about the Doll Beauty brand has got to be the longevity of the the products, this is regarding how long they last on the face an d how long it lasts before you start running out. I've had my Doll Beauty bronzer 2 years and I've only just hit the pan! Don't even talk to me about how amazing they are at staying on the face, it is honestly next level! However you'll only ever know how amazing these products are is if you try them yourself, so shop these products below because I mean it when I say you'll only ever use Doll Beauty from now on.

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